How It Works

What are the costs?

What else do I get for joining Crossover Racing?

Each percentage is a one time fee of $500.  That's it! This one time fee goes towards training bills and care for the horses in the stable.  There are no other hidden costs or fees.  

Who can join?

Anyone! You don't have to have any prior ownership experience or even racing or horse experience.  We would love to introduce you to racing!

How many horses are in the stable?

  • FUN - The thrill of owning a racehorse and all the privileges that come with it.  Go from one of the crowd to cheering on your very own horse!

  • EDUCATION - Training center and stable visits, opportunities to learn  about all aspects of top-level harness racing!

  • COMMUNITY - From weekly communication during the race season, to open houses and race day events, we are building a community of fans to share the fun with!

The 2021 stable has 7 horses, a mixture of both 2 and 3-year-olds.  A purchase grants you access to the entire racing stable. 

What financial return can I expect?

Racehorse ownership/leasing is speculative and risky. While the stable is managed with the goal of winning and making money, there is no guarantee of financial return.

What percent ownership is a share?

Each piece is a 1% of the stable.  There is a limit of 100 pieces for sale. Crossover Racing leases 5% of the horses from Diamond Creek.  This helps us keep our members from having to pay owner fees and licensing.  Once the horses start racing, we will send monthly updates of the accounting so you always know where you are at!   

What happens if a horse sells or retires during the season?

Because the horses are leased, when a horse is retired or sold, they will be removed from the stable.  Members will not recieve payouts for horses that leave the stable. 

How can I join?

You can pay online with PayPal.   There is a $15.00 transaction fee to use PayPal.  There is no limit on the number of shares you can buy overall.  You can also contact us at for an invoice to pay by check.  The deadline to sign up for the 2021 stable is May 1st.

More questions?

Contact us now! We are happy to answer any questions you have!

  ♢  We are an entity of Diamond Creek Farm, a premiere Standardbred establishment, a farm that hosts a world class roster of stallions and mares in their breeding program.

♢  Diamond Creek Farm has given Crossover Racing the opportunity to lease seven of their current racehorses for the 2021 racing season.  Owning a share in Crossover Racing does not grant any official ownership of the horses.