Updates 5.4.21

Almanac: Taking it slow after being diagnosed with ulcers after his first start. Will

likely qualify again at Hoosier 5/19, followed by 3rd leg of stallion series at Chester


Argyle: An improvement this week! Took a step forward from 2 previous

qualifiers. Showed speed for first time this year. Plan now is to race on May 12th

at Harrahs in a NW of 1, with a later goal of being in the Stallion Series on May

21st. Tim Tetrick is likely to stay behind her, continuity of drivers is important for

these young, developing horses.

Shakespeare: Disappointing effort in last start since he was 1-9 to win. Right now

he most needs to overcome wanting to follow and learn to become the leader.

Next start is on Friday in the Reynolds Stakes, which is his first time on a half mile


Broadway: High expectations here from both trainer and racing manager who

think she has potential to be top level horse. Won’t qualify till July, most likely

race in August.

Barrier: Training well, Marcus still believes this colt is a Grand Circuit prospect.

Likely to come to Meadowlands for a training mile sometime in mid-May.

Gulf Shores: As some of you may have seen on Facebook, Tim H. went to Brian

Brown’s and saw him train in 2:10. We still believe he has the potential to be a

top Ohio Sire Stake horse.

Blend: Hit a bump in road this month and has been battling lameness. She is going

to get 3 weeks of turnout in New Jersey and will be reevaluated after. There is a

50/50 chance she will make races this year.

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