Racing Updates 7.6.21

Blend: Still at the KY farm. She is getting aqua treadmill workouts three times a week. Shipping to Carter Pinske at the Red Mile on the 10th this month to resume training.

Broadway: Plan is to qualify at the Meadowlands on the 17th and then ship to the Red Mile to prep for the Kentucky Sire Stakes starting in early August.

Gulf Shores: Entered in the first leg of Ohio Sire Stakes on the 10th. Best of luck to us!

Barrier: He was a little sore on his left hind yesterday while jogging. Getting him checked out.

Almanac: Still not sure why he raced so poorly other than scoped with ulcers again. He needs a change of pace and was moved to the Tony Alagna barn at the Red Mile over the weekend. Stay tuned, hope to get him right in KY.

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