Some words from our partners...

I've said thank you enough so that you guys know how I feel. This was my favorite summer of racing ever and a lot of it was due in part to feeling like, and actually being, a little owner. It adds so much to the whole equation of loving the industry.


I think your social offerings this year, at the farm, at the Meadowlands, and the Red Mile actually exceeded what I expected, and all were executed really well. You guys all did a great job of welcoming us to your barn. For someone like me, following for about 50 years, being able to hang out in a lounge setting with a wide screen, with drivers, interviews, owners, and even John Campbell....that's great stuff!!!!


I'm excited to see your continued creativity in making this even better than it was. I'm proud and slightly honored to be a part of it.


Crossover Partner Michael Langer

I didn't have the pleasure of attending any of the races this year but totally enjoyed watching our horses race online. Our stable did have some issues throughout the year but actually having one of our horses race in the Breeders Crown was more than I dreamed of. The excitement was unbelievable. The close finishes in the Breeders Crown races had my heart beating like crazy. Gulf Shores was an amazing baby to have in our stable. I hope in the future he continues his winning ways. I am looking forward to next year!


Crossover Partner Barbara Buchanan

Just wanted to say how much fun and how much of a pure thrill it was to be a part of this partnership. My friends and I were able to get our feet wet in many aspects and get more of the complete picture of what horse racing is all about. I’ve done a handful of internet partnerships for horses and I think that Crossover was far and away the best value for what was provided in the process (in terms of horses). The breeders crown was a thrill and to meet the trainers and watch the horses train was a fantastic experience, in total.


Crossover Partner Adam Hajjar